CEO Chris Carey travels to Australia to present Media Insight Consulting’s research findings at BIGSOUND


Australian Music Consumer Report 2016-Feature

Media Insight Consulting have partnered with Eventbrite to create The Australian Music Consumer Report 2016, looking into the state of music consumption in Australia. The report shows that more and more Aussies are showing preference for spending their money on live music events rather than recorded music in the form of CDs or digital downloads, with younger Australians aged 16-34 driving the trend.

Chris Carey traveled down to Brisbane to co-present the findings of the research at BIGSOUND alongside Phil Silverstone, General Manager Australia, Eventbrite.

Chris commented:

“Data plays an increasing role in music industry decisions, but often we don’t talk to the consumer. The purpose of this research is to not only understand their behaviours, but the attitudes that drive those behaviours.

“The Australian Music Consumer research highlights a trend seen around the world that people love music but often don’t spend money on it. Tapping in to that passion will drive further growth in the live and recorded music sectors.”

To view the full research and learn more about Australian music consumption, please click here. 

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