How millennials discover and purchase music

Media Insight Consulting (MIC), one of the UK’s leading music data start-ups is set to release a new series of reports providing insight into how UK consumers discover and purchase music. The reports are a response by MIC to a critical need in the music business for robust analysis to be made available focused on the evolving habits of consumer behaviour.

To gather data for the reports MIC carried out an extensive online survey, getting over 2,500 responses. The survey covered all ages, but oversampled in the 16-34 year-old age group to ensure a vigorous focus on the media consumption habits of the Millennial consumer. Questions in the survey interrogated the thought process behind measurable actions, such as a sale, which produced some compelling data.

A key aim for the team at MIC is to move the conversation beyond what happened, to why it happened, and then onto how should the music business respond.

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